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Welcome, 2018.  A New Year is upon us and I think that is exciting!  I have recovered so well that I was able to walk on the beach in early January.  Woohoo!  I love the Oregon Coast.  This picture was taken at Winchester Bay, just south of Reedsport, where a friend of mine lives.  It was a beautiful 60 degree day in January, amazing.

In early November, I experienced hip replacement surgery!  I am recovering well, and feel so thankful for the In early November, I experienced hip replacement surgery!  I am recovering well, and feel so thankful for the friends and family and their support!  Wow, I am so happy to be free of the constant hip pain that has plagued me for over 10 years.  My kids were together- a rare sighting.  Loved it!

Just last week, I had dinner with my son Shane and got to visit my “Grand-kittens.”  At this point, my adult children are not talking about grandchildren, so I will enjoy what I have.  Shane is pictured here with Achilles. We had a nice dinner at Lupe’s, a restaurant in the Aloha area.  I still love spending time with my kids!


Back in August, I spent a week in Ocean City, MD with some members of my extended family, twenty-seven of them! We had dinner together every night.   I loved swimming in the warm ocean and hanging out with family.

Five of my six siblings!

I have really been enjoying hiking in this summer.  The Columbia River Gorge has a couple of my favorite hikes, like Eagle Creek, Multnomah Falls and Triple Falls.  I am planning to beat the heat tomorrow by hiking the Silver Falls Loop outside of Salem-cooler temperatures and shade.

I just spent four days with my daughter, who is half my age, on vacation in Vancouver, BC.  Such a wonderful opportunity for a “parenting payoff.”  My hope is that these tips and techniques will allow you that special experience, too!


I am a passionate educator with over 30 years of experience in public education in Oregon.   After I retired, I felt compelled to start a business, so I did!  I call it Kate’s Consulting For Kids.    I love working as an Educational Consultant, collaborating with parents and educators alike, helping them grow respectful and responsible relationships with children.   I am also an independent facilitator of Love and Logic Programs® with an office in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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Love and Logic Institute, Inc.

I enjoyed the Love and Logic 40 year Celebration Convention this June, and continue to up my skills as a facilitator as I share my passion for these programs with parents and educators.  Celebrating with Jim Fay, pictured here at 83, was such a wonderful experience.  I’ll be back next year!

Love and Logic Institute, Inc. created the materials I use.  I am an independent facilitator of these specific programs:  Love and Logic Early Childhood Magic® Becoming a Love and Logic Parent ®, Parenting the Love and Logic Way® and 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom ®  In my experience, these materials help with Read More…

Current Events- Winter Classes, 2018

Winter Parenting Classes are in full swing!

Sherwood School District is hosting Parenting the Love and Logic Way on Tuesday evenings beginning February 6 for six consecutive weeks.  Register today and plan to join us!  503.825.5480 or Registration email available with Maria Quinones

Living Savior Lutheran Church in Tualatin is hosting Parenting the Love and Logic Way, a six week class on Wednesday evenings beginning January 3rd.  It is a small group and we are halfway through the curriculum.  Parents are nodding and smiling and experimenting with their new techniques!  I am so happy for them.

SPRING CLASSES- First classes are the week of April 9

Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun is being offered at the Lake Oswego Community School on Thursday mornings from 9-10:30 AM.  This curriculum is specially designed for parents with children birth-six and is facilitated over five consecutive weeks.

The Community School is also hosting Parenting the Love and Logic Way on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8.

Registration opens the end of February at Home page of Lake Oswego Community School


Canceled due to low enrollment on the winter schedule.  The Community School in Lake Oswego is hosting Parenting the Love and Logic Way on Thursday evenings beginning January 4 for six consecutive weeks.  Please contact them to register.

Canceled due to low enrollment on the winter schedule.  Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun is being offered at the Lake Oswego Community school on Thursday mornings from 9-10:30 AM.  This curriculum is specially designed for parents with children birth-six and is facilitated over five consecutive weeks.  Please contact the Community School to register.

Sherwood School District is hosting Parenting the Love and Logic Way on Tuesday evenings beginning February 6 for six consecutive weeks.  Please contact them to register.

I am excited to be facilitating the above four classes following the curriculum from the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  My hope is that by adding tips and tools to your parenting tool box this winter, you and your children will reap the benefits of a happier and healthier relationship as time goes by.


My first video or VLOG:

What I Offer Parents

Parent Consults Available this Fall

Please consider adding tips and tools to your parenting tool box this summer with a two-hour parent consult.  The consult starts with an email, then is followed up with a two-hour session tailored to meet your needs in those “bugaboo” moments of parenting, right here in Lake Oswego (my office picture is above).  I share three Love and Logic Techniques and then follow up with an email- all for $75.  Isn’t this a great deal?  My expertise will help you set yourself up for success as you spend more time with your kids throughout the summer months.  Call or Email me today!

Early Childhood Curriculum Available

I had an evening opportunity open up!  I am excited to be offering Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun, from the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. this spring, in a small group at my office in Lake Oswego.

This curriculum was especially designed for parents whose children are birth-six.  It is a five week class on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8 beginning on April 19-May 17. $137 for the five week class.  Your children will be happy that you took the time to add tools to your parenting toolbox. Contact me if you are interested!

Do you wish you were having more fun?

Tonight I am half-way through facilitating the program Parenting the Love and Logic Way, a program from the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. Parents are laughing with each other and learning at the same time.  The valuable tips and techniques shared by Jim and Charles Fay in DVD format, are so engaging that ideas for experimenting are flowing out of parents mouths before they leave each evening!  Lucky kids whose parents experiment to share empathy, then hold them accountable so they can practice for the real world at home.

This has been such a pleasure for me to be a part of the “family” atmosphere at Jenni and Tommys Kids Unplugged in Tigard.  Seems like a wonderful place to bring your children.

Are your children from birth to six?  Do you feel like you would like to have more fun Parenting?A five week class of Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun begins, Wednesday, January 4 at my office from 10-11:30 for $137.  This is a small group setting.   Please contact me to register!

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic- a Book Study

Are you parenting a Teen?  Would you like to have more fun parenting your teen?  If so, plan to join a Book Study I will be facilitating at Living Savior Lutheran Church this winter.  The cost is $30 for six-weeks of tips and training with other parents in Tualatin, Oregon from January 11- February 15 from 7-8:30.

Heidi Frank, DCE at Living Savior, is accepting registrations 503.692.3490 or HFrank@Living-Savior.org

KCFK and Goggle- an Amazing Relationship!

Here is a short video I made about a discovery I had today.


A Day with Dr. Charles Fay, October 18

Such a wonderful experience yesterday, to listen to the wisdom of Dr. Fay, who is now the President of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  I gathered with about 200 other parents, facilitators and educators for a 6 hour presentation.  We laughed, we cried and we saw ourselves in the stories and experiences he shared.  We saw ourselves as human beings who are working hard to figure out the best way to parent our children.  Truly a day of renewal and connection for me.


OEA- Retired Conference

A fun time at the Oregon Garden with other retired teachers who were interested in learning to self-publish, more about birds and hiking to historic spots around our beautiful state.  These topics were all breakout sessions last Monday at the Conference- a fabulous experience.


Fall Parenting Class Schedule

Parenting Classes start the last week of September.  Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 6:30-8 or Friday morning from 9:30-11 are options.office Aug 30

Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun and/or Parenting the Love and Logic Way are options for curriculum.  The cost includes a workbook, and a certificate of completion-$137 for Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun (5 sessions) and $147 for Parenting the Love and Logic Way (6 sessions).

I know parents who enjoy their children more and have a toolbox of parenting techniques to last a lifetime, as a result of the class.   Plan to laugh along the way when you experience a Love and Logic Parenting Class, with materials from the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.

Plan to give me a call at 503.913.8970 or email me at KatesConsultingForKids@gmail.com to save a seat, today!


I am available to consult with parents of toddlers and preschoolers, elementary age children or teenagers.  I call these appoinconsulting handstments ONE-HITS, because we only meet one time.  I book a two-hour Parenting Consultation Appointment with you, tailored to meet your needs.  The cost is $60.  I am available for evening and day time appointments at my office in Lake Oswego.  Email or call to set up your appointment today.  You will be so glad that you added Love and Logic Tips and Techniques to your parenting tool box.  Your kids are lucky that you did, too!

During the consulting session “ONE-HIT” you will experience an introductory teaser from the Love and Logic Institute ® which includes these three areas:  The Two Rules of Love and Logic, Neutralizing Arguing and Delaying Consequences.

Parents  have found out that just a little Love and Logic really helps grow a lasting and loving relationship with their kids.

Five and Six week classes will resume in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  I am already setting up the schedule so I’ll be ready when you are.

Call, text or email me today so you can enjoy experimenting with your new skills all summer long.  Smile.


35 Parents in Tigard and Sherwood just finished up classes I facilitated.  They headed home to enjoy their kids and run some experiments!   They have a workbook to refer back to for reminders, a certificate of participation and a tool box filled with tips and techniques from Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun and Parenting the Love and Logic Way, two successful programs created by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  

Boy, are their kids lucky!

Many thanks to these parents who really participated in discussions and helped all of learn more about ourselves, our children and our parenting.


I am presenting at the Parent Child Preschool Organization’s Conference Saturday, April 2 at 9:15 for Teachers and 11:15 for Parents.  Plan to join us!  www.ParentChildPreschools.org for more information.


Lying- Our reaction as parents can really make or break our relationship with our kids.  At the point that we know about the lie- our reaction is the only thing we can control!  But what do we do, typically?  Yell, lecture, get angry, make our kids feel our wrath.  We pass that off as the consequence.

Is this a relationship destroyer?  You bet it is.

Are you ready to hear another way to react that could preserve our relationship AND help our child learn from their mistake?  Are you ready for the ‘road less traveled’ approach when it comes to reacting to lying as a parent? If so, read on…



In controlling our reaction to our child about the lie- take this tact and know that it is based on research.
If we react in anger,  followed by a lecture and then issue threats about the lying we are reacting with our ‘reptile brain’.  We are letting our emotions take over our reasoning abilities.  
The trick is to to give yourself some time to take care of yourself.
Initially, comments like, “I am so surprised by the call I just had from your teacher I don’t know what to say.  I need to calm down.  We will talk later.”
OR  “I feel so angry and disappointed right now that I can’t say anything worth sharing.  We will talk later after I have had time to think about this.”  
OR  “It sounds like you had a problem with lying at school.  Please start thinking about how you are going to fix that.  We will talk later when I am not so upset.”
These are opportunities to delay the consequences for the child, which we may need to do so that we can think about what a consequence could be.  This technique buys us some time.
It also buys our child some time to think about what they can do to fix the situation, or the problem caused by the lying.
When our children tell lies we want them to think about how to fix their problem.  As their parents, we don’t want to steal their thinking time from them.  They may need to be alone so they can think, in their room or a quiet place so they can think, and then later, let us know how they will fix the problem their lie has created.
Empathy then let the consequences do the teaching.  Dr. Charles Fay reminds us how to do this!
Good luck!
 Ready to laugh with Dr. Charles Fay?  Enjoy these tips about gaining cooperation from your kids…



Happy New Year!

Byrd Baylor wrote one of my favorite children’s books called, I’m In Charge of Celebrations.   She mentions different opportunities to celebrate…a wonderful way to look at today, tomorrow and everyday.

I encourage you to celebrate with your kids on a daily basis.  This bring our minds and hearts together noticing what is going well for all of us.  Encourage your kids paint a picture to accompany the celebration (which is what Bryd does in the book- Peter Parnell is the illustrator).


Take a moment to listen to my Calm Down Song this week before Christmas.

Hoping you will smile, laugh and listen to it with your kids so everyone can practice calming strategies!

Get ready for CORNY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVHKOFhwOHc&feature=youtu.be



After spending the day with Jim Fay, Co-Founder of the Love and Logic Institute, I continue to feel inspired weeks later.  Here are a couple highlights:

A Calm Brain VS The Perspiration Perspective.  In a nutshell, when Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs are met, our brains are feel to learn and grow.  Or, when we struggle we start to believe that perseverance is the key to achievement.  Two points of view that educators are dealing with everyday!

“No problem.  I’ll take care of it.” At a later date let the empathy and delayed consequences do the teaching.  Hard to do, but worthwhile.

“I’m to angry to think straight.  I will have to get back to you.”  These are face-saving words that every parent should get comfortable saying time and time again.  These words keep us from reacting with anger, sarcasm or lectures, which allows our relationships to thrive!

“I noticed ………. I noticed that.”  One of my favorite strategies for building relationships.

Be in touch if you want more information!  I am excited to share.  Here are a few products I purchased at the conference for parents to use while taking parenting classes with me.

LL purchases

November 18, 2015

Jim Fay is coming to Portland!  So excited to hear him share his wisdom and expertise.  Plan to join me!

Ambridge Event Center 1333 NE MLK Jr Blvd Portland, Oregon 97232  Call 800.455.7557 to register $99



October, 2015

The Fall has been flying by!  We have had such beautiful weather here in Lake Oswego, Oregon- cool mornings, with a little fog with breaks and by 3pm it is 65- just beautiful weather!

This is my first Fall as a real retired person-no grant management and a very short “have to” list.  Then, my business took off!

Philomath School District hired me to facilitate an Introductory Session for their teachers as part of their Professional Development before the school year started.  It was such an honor to be with these professionals as they were already thinking about their students, their relationships, their curriculum and the school year ahead.  A great group!

I was invited to facilitate an Introduction to Love and Logic for the Lake Oswego Mom’s Club this September.  There were thirty interested parents in attendance with open minds and open ears to hear some tips and tools that they can add to their parenting skills to build loving relationships with their children, by learning how to set loving limits, avoid power struggles and discipline their children without loosing their love.  Boy, are their children lucky!

I have been facilitating a couple small group classes here at my office in Lake Oswego this Fall.  I have been using Parenting the Love and Logic Way- a curriculum I have come to LOVE as I talk with parents and continue to brain storm ways for them to experiment with the skills they are learning here.  Such an awesome group!

Tigard Methodist Church partnered with me this Fall with a BRAND NEW LOVE AND LOGIC Product called Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood.  This program was especially designed for parents whose children are birth-six.  We have found it engaging, and humorous with doable skills and tips.  Fun times with our little ones as we set the stage for them to feel successful in the real world.  I sure am enjoying this group and this curriculum.

Maplewood Elementary School is sponsoring Parenting the Love and Logic Way this month.  I am excited to facilitate this class with many of the parents who attended an Introductory session I facilitated with there school last spring.  Can’t wait to see them again and share this valuable information- parents helping parents in a school setting is such a rich opportunity for learning.


August, 2015

Such a busy this summer!  I facilitated three parenting classes this spring and then two more this summer.  Thanks Phoenix Children’s Academy in Sherwood for hosting a class.  These parents had children who were 2-3 years old.  Their director and one of the teachers joined in.   I was able to try out my new curriculum called Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun from the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  Such wonderful comments from the parents as they headed off  after six weeks to enjoy their children! Boy are those kids lucky!

January 20-Had a lovely evening with 25 parents at St. Francis Catholic School in Sherwood on Thursday evening. The two hour session was an introduction to Love and Logic. We covered the three basic skills and shared some stories. Parents were nodding and laughing- always a good sign that they are willing to think about trying a new strategy to improve their life-long relationship with their kids. I felt so happy to have this opportunity!

January-2015-Excited to create a partnership with Living Savior Lutheran Church in Tualatin for the six-week Parenting the Love and Logic Way class. They advertised the six-week parenting class, and in two short weeks filled it with 40 parents. After two sessions with this group, well, I just grin thinking about how lucky those kids are to have parents who want to be better parents- and are actually doing something about it! The opportunity to work with these parents makes me feel so happy.

October 31- Just finished up the Fall Parenting Classes here at my office. A wonderful group of parents participated. Their children are so lucky to be with parents who will help them learn that their mistakes are opportunities for learning and that they can solve their own problems. Such lucky kids- awesome parents!

July 11-My parenting class here at my office in Lake Oswego just ended. Lots of laughs with Jeff, Caroline and Holly. It is so wonderful for me to get to know these families, and especially the children through their parent’s candid stories of how the strategies of Parenting the Love and Logic Way are working in their daily lives. Awesome!

July 1-I have just finished up a six week class with ten amazing parents. These parents have made a commitment to their children and families to learn and practice Parenting the Love and Logic Way- I feel so privileged to have known them and shared their company since the end of April. Thanks again to Bob and Ann, Clinton and Shannon, Joel and Nancy, Kurt and Tara, Mike and Suzie.

April 26-Excited about facilitating Parenting the Love and Logic Way to 4 couples in Tualatin starting tomorrow evening. This is a new experience for me, being invited into an existing group of parents in their home-to share the messages of parenting that can help foster loving, lasting relationships for families.

April 21-Recently returned from a Family Reunion in AZ- what a fabulous time we had together!  So many laughs, a motorcycle ride through the desert, baby time with my twin nephews and graduation anticipation conversations with my niece.  Time with my Dad, at 85, always fills my heart and helps me understand myself more and more.   Siblings are amazing, and time with them was so lovely!

I am feeling excited about recent class date changes-check it out!

Some of the parents in my current classes have loved the CD’s I have lent them. These are CD’s from the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  Parents are feeling that  listening to the CD’s are enhancing their skills- especially Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants®!  Early childhood parents are loving the Toddlers and Preschoolers® CD- laughing and learning along with the stories. Such positive feedback from them makes me feel so happy for their children and for them as parents- the toughest job we didn’t get any real training for.

Summer Schedule will be posted soon.

April 17- Just finished up an interview with a reporter from the Lake Oswego Review!  I am always so excited to talk about the parenting skills I have shared with parents from Parenting the Love and Logic Way®.  I will post the article when it is released…soon, I hope!